GetPhyco PAMM

GetPhyco PAMM Trading System

PAMM Account( Percentage Allocation Management Module) has been managed by Account Managers. The management service on behalf of its customers. Transaction and profit/losses, interest and commissions will be managed with setting rules and regulations. The profit sharing and commissions will be evenly distributed with the ratio agreed by customers.

Difference Between Stocks, CFD, Futures

Unlimited Trading Follower

All transactions are carried out on the client’s independent trading account, and there is no limit to the number of followers.

Create Multiple Data

Trade managers can create multiple different terms contracts. To tailor the risk tolerance and capital for their customers.

Monitor Trading Performance

A detailed trading performance monitoring system allows trading manager to show previous operating performance. For Investors to judge their trading capabilities.

Auto distribution of Profit/Loss

PAMM technology will automatically allocate trading accounts. The profit and loss between trading will be distributed accordingly with rules and regulations.