Getphyco CFD

Getphyco CFD Contract Trading

Cryptocurrency contract trading is leveraged trading that against the US dollar in form of margin.

Cryptocurrency contract trading and Forex contract trading are the same concept in financial services. Both of concept are mainly trading via online network. The differences between them is Forex Trading are the currency exchange between two countries, while Cryptocurrency Trading is the exchange between US dollar such as Bitcoin to USD, Ethereum to USD.

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are also known as Margin Trading

Difference Between Stocks, CFD, Futures


High usability, can transfer or purchase via cryptocurrency ( pledge/ payment/ trading etc.)

Single Market, if selling stock price is lower than the buying price, it is a loss.

No transaction limit,Stock would not have any margin and time limit.


Two-sided trading, indicator with buy and sell, more decision making, more profit opportunity.

When marketing are bears or bulls, CFD will not get affected by markets. When there is efficient gap in trading, higher profit chance will obtain.

Leverage Trading, able to gain profit with minimum capital. Technically will get profit with low cost. There is no time limit. Compare with Stocks, with sufficient margin will be able to trade.


Delivery Period, Futures have a fixed trading time. Example, CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange), it requires liquidity.

High Threshold – Futures have capital opening threshold and deposit is relatively high. Trading unit called “lots”, purchasing lots will cost higher than ten thousands.

Difference Between ‘GetPhyco Trader’ And ‘Exchange’in CFD

GetPhyco Trader Other Cryptocurrency Platform
Multiple Copy Trading
Single Copy Trading
(only for certain platform)
Connected to Smart Trading System
(Multi Strategy)
Connected Coin Speculation Robot
(Fixed Strategy)
Large Funds can be distributed
(Liquidity can be connect to different Market Makers)
Large Funds cannot be distributed
(Exchanges are Market Makers)
High Security
(Stable Connection)
Low Security
(Unstable Connection)
No Interest
(Platform is just a trading tools)
Direct Interest
(Exchanges are Market Makers)