Getphyco AI

Getphyco AI

Smart trading are better than self trading.

Gather Experience

Fast Settlement

Risk Control

Data Analysis

Never affected by Emotions

24 HR Operation

Collect Market News

Advantages of GetPhyco-AI Trading System

Summary of 5 Advantages of Smart Trading


Monitor Assets Individually Stay Connected Strict Trading Strategy


Deliver order to Global Liquidity Provider. Manage your P/L in your account. Each profit comes from Trading Market.

Worry Free

90% order made by Getphyco-AI, 10% order made by Master Trader, Commission are generated equally. Making profit without any hesitation.

Long Lasting

Years of Financial Experience thought us right method trading creates stable and sustainable profit. Smart Trading creates profit. Meanwhile community are building their market relations.

Stable income

Monthly profit data up from 15% to 40% with selected smart trade technical strategy. Develop smart trading, earn safe and stable profit with GetPhyco.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trading

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trading, is a method that exclude emotional while trade in Financial Market. Compares to technology and sustainability, 

AI trading is completely solving the two key factors from manual trading. It analyze market latest information and data to secure probability for investors with the right trading strategy. Place a right order in right timing, to maximize profits.

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AI Trading Ratio
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Maximum Drawdown Rate
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Maximum Stop Loss

Multiple Risk Control

A single order able to withstand a risk of 3%/5%, Unlimited profit per transaction, Controllable number of transaction orders.
If extraordinary incident happens, The maximum installment retreat is at 15%/30%
Exceeded Maximum Drawdown evaluation period shall not exceed 10 working days.
If exceed Maximum Drawdown happens, trading will be terminated immediately , and system will activate compensation mechanism .
Investor must make decision and inform us regarding continue the trading contract within 10 days.